National Institute of Fitness Studies





Boarding System

NIFS presents boarding system for the students from out side the Bengal, like manipur,mizoram,nagaland,assam,orissa. Students can stay for 3-6 months  & study in-campus with real practical experiences. Complete your study here, give examination & get certified.



Certification is not a just decorated paper sheet, you need to learn & earn this. NIFS thinks-becoming a good personal trainer means you have to be in the class room, attend the lectures by our expats of various fields, interact with them, get your all questions answered, break the myths,get real-time practical exposure & then get certified. Feel proud that the certification you have earned is not only a decorated paper but you have gained real knowledge & experience beyond it.



*Our boardings are located near heart of the city

*Neat & clean environment with home like food supply

*Twin sharing basis or single occupancy facilities available

*All modern amenities like-TV, fridge, Ac, Microwave, wi-fi connection are available

* Get special discounts (only for the students with poor economical back ground)  

*Service Charges- 5500/ month (Including all meals)

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